R. Dakota Carter, MD, EdD

Dr. Carter is a Psychiatrist who trained at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston/McGovern Medical School. Dr. Carter is passionate about education, teaching, and training students and residents and has a doctorate in education from the University of Houston. He is an avid researcher and has published on a myriad of topics in psychiatry, in addition to developing curriculum for medical schools in the Houston area and across the United States. Dr. Carter also sits on the American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees and is on the Council of Government Relations and Advocacy. Dr. Carter is a national SAMHSA/APA Diversity Fellow and a national George Ginsberg Award recipient for his continued work in psychiatry and mental health. Dr. Carter has also recently won a coveted “Texas 30 under 30” award by CultureMap.

Jason Fort, MA, LPC

No one enjoys feeling trapped, incapable of escape, and unable to see the light. This is all the more true when the bonds of our entrapment are made up of our mind, our relationships, and our circumstances. While there is a limit to what each person has control over in their lives, many have control over far less than what they are capable of. Having grown up in Zimbabwe (Africa), Jason learned diverse approaches to engaging mental health and relational conflict. He received his B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M, Class of 2013, setting a solid foundation in theory and psychological understanding. Following this, he received his M.A. in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University, a program that marries theory and faith without detracting from either. He has worked for 3 years, and counting, in an inpatient psychiatric hospital honing his clinical skills to assist individuals to cope in crisis, think clearly in convoluted family dynamics, survive trauma, endure hardship, and ultimately strive toward personal freedom. All this to say: he has seen a myriad of diagnoses and stressors, your problems are not too big for solutions, there is hope and freedom for you, and even if he is not the one helping you cross the finish line, he can show you where to start and will walk with and support you in your time of need.